medical imaging research

Medical Imaging Research

Capitol Imaging Services has partnered on over 250 clinical research trials, contributing to a greater understanding of liver disease, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, obesity, orthopedic conditions, and many others.

We are well-versed in the complexities of clinical trials, including onboarding, training, image submission, ongoing quality control and privacy.  All our processes are designed to ensure subject anonymity.  Our contributions are improving the lives of patients suffering from a wide variety of disorders and diseases and we are open to new cutting edge trials to serve the greater welfare of all patients.  Capitol Imaging Services has the experience you need throughout the Southeast in managing your clinical research support needs.

NASH and NAFLD Research

Capitol Imaging Services was an early leader in support of NASH and NAFLD research trials, partnering with Tandem, Perspectum, Summit Medical Research, and other leaders in the sphere of liver disease research.

At the forefront of clinical research trial support, Capitol Imaging Services boasts a robust track record with over 250 successful partnerships. We employ a wide array of cutting-edge imaging modalities, including MR Elastography, MRI Proton Density Fat Fraction (PDFF), MRI Liver Multiscan, as well as high resolution MRI brain imaging for dementia evaluation and Traumatic Brain Injury.

An Experienced Partner

Capitol Imaging Services has partnered with an extraordinarily large number of major pharmaceutical companies and clinical trials research organizations.

Our expertise in every facet of clinical trials – from onboarding and training to flawless image submission and continuous quality control – is driven by a steadfast commitment to ensuring the utmost subject anonymity.  Our technologists' vast experience extends beyond processing research subjects; they're well-versed in the technical challenges of clinical trials, including creating unique protocols and submitting images to central reading vendors (companies specializing in analyzing medical scans) like ICON, Ambra, and Perspectum.

When it comes to managing your clinical research support needs, we match your level of complexity to our level of experience and proficiency in utilizing imaging modalities such as MRI, CT, Mammography, Dexa, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and X-ray.

Contact us today to learn why you can trust Capitol Imaging Services to be your unwavering partner in advancing medical research.

Michael Holmes, CGO

Michael Holmes
(504) 459-3219
Chief Growth Officer
Capitol Imaging Services

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