Many people do not realize that there is a choice when you are told by your medical provider that you need an imaging exam, from an ultrasound to a PET/CT study. There are really three main choices:

  • The hospital imaging center
  • An imaging center owned by the hospital
  • An independent imaging center

First, let’s clarify. What does it mean by independent? Being independent simply means the center is NOT owned by a hospital or health system. It is the same as a physician who has their own independent practice, heads their office and employs staff to take care of patients. An independent imaging center is often privately owned.

So, what’s in it for you when evaluating your options for your exam? Consider the following important points:

  1. Hospitals and their affiliated facilities are usually more expensive than independent outpatient centers.
  2. Hospitals are allowed to charge Medicare and most other commercial insurers a facility fee.
  3. Hospitals usually claim they have to charge higher fees because they have to offset the costs of being open 24/7/365.
  4. It can cost up to 2/3 less to have an imaging exam at a freestanding imaging facility such as Capitol Imaging Services.
  5. We offer shorter wait times and more personalized service for people choosing us for their exam needs.
  6. Capitol Imaging Services offers ground-floor parking in and around each of their locations — try finding a parking spot in a seven-story parking garage at a hospital campus!
  7. Capitol Imaging Services provides the same — if not better — technology than area hospitals at lower list prices and fees.
  8. If you have an unfulfilled insurance deductible and your deductible goes into the thousands of dollars, independent imaging organizations such as Capitol Imaging Services will simply save you money as after insurance discounts, we will be often lower in the fee that is applied to your deductible as is your responsibility to pay.

Over the years, many people have turned to us to save money without sacrificing quality of care. In some cases, they found that their exam was covered 100 percent by their insurance coverage while at the hospital, it was not. Unfortunately, the world of insurance is a complex maze of terms and conditions. That’s why another important point to consider is that Capitol Imaging Services associates are ready, willing and able to help you verify benefits and identify any fees that would be your responsibility. We made our process as smooth and easy as possible.

So, with so many important points to consider, why would you want to go to the hospital? Sure, when the situation is an emergency, the hospital is your best option. In select cases, the hospital is better for some acute cases or cases where it is a more complex exam. But for the vast majority of common exams that are recommended by medical providers, Capitol Imaging Services provides you — and your provider — with the quality needed as part of their diagnostic process.

Health care is unusual in one respect: a higher price does not often reflect better quality. By choosing independent, you can save money and not jeopardize your health.

Choose independent and save. Choose Capitol Imaging Services: doctor trusted, patient preferred.