Finding a lump in your breast can be a scary thing, but is it something you should worry about?

Patients often worry that lumps in their breasts could be early signs of breast cancer. Sometimes a lumpy breast can be mistaken as being cancerous.

The important thing is to know you breasts and understand your own normal. No one will know your breasts better than you.

Below is a presentation courtesy of Breast Cancer Answers. Breast Cancer Answers is a breast cancer awareness website where patients ask about breast cancer and our experts answer select questions on video. After the video is made, it’s posted to the video library for everyone to see and share.

Breast Cancer Answers Medical Director Dr. Jay Harness says, ”If there’s a persistent lump in the breast particularly one that feels as hard lets say as a marble then something like that needs to be evaluated.”

Mammograms are an easy and effective way to check the breast for signs of cancer. This method of screening uses X-Rays to create an image of the inside of the breast. CIS also offers a more advanced form of breast imaging called 3D mammography, which allows the radiologist to view each layer of the breast tissue to create an even more clear image of possible breast abnormalities. This results in earlier cancer detection, better visualization, and fewer follow-ups for women. Each of these types of mammography usually takes no more than 10 minutes to complete.