For some of the population, confined spaces such as a crowded elevator or entering a small closet can create anxious, nervous or even terrified feelings.

Recently, a woman chose a Capitol Imaging Services affiliate for her MRI exam. After her visit was completed, she reached back out to us with the following:

“I am beyond claustrophobic”

“I am writing in relation to our conversation regarding my MRI appointment. I am beyond claustrophobic and have panic attacks in small spaces.

I was in an open MRI, but because my head was immobilized, I could not see the opening. My husband was with me the entire time as I have been known to faint or panic. I told all of this to the staff, especially my technologist.

She was wonderful.

I did not panic (much) and was conscious the whole time. She stopped when I hit the button to stop — which was only once and because of the noise — and was very reassuring without treating me like a child. Mostly, she took me seriously and listened to what I said.

We got it done in record time for me and I left exhausted, but feeling fine. I wanted to be sure to say thank you.”


Alyson E.

Warm Welcome • Pleasant Experience • Sincere Thank You

That is our mission at Capitol Imaging Services. And while having top-notch care, we offer excellent quality and technology that means the demands of physicians and other medical professionals. All the while, we often reduce out of pocket costs by performing exams at lower fees. For those with unfulfilled health insurance deductibles, that’s a major benefit. And, cost reduction may be achieved without sacrificing quality of care or imaging technology.

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