Goodbye Philips CTGoodbye Philips CT Moving 2Throughout 2015, Diagnostic Imaging Services has continued to invest in better technology in order to best service the medical community and general public with imaging exams that provide the information needed in order to arrive at a diagnosis. To our knowledge, no other independently-owned imaging organization in southeast Louisiana has invested more in our technical services, with Computed Tomography (CT) being our latest in the line of upgrades.

Beginning this week, DIS is installing a state-of-the-art Supria CT system that will prove to be a workhorse for years to come. Our CT technologist, Sue (pictured far right), said goodbye to our old unit and is enthusiastically welcoming our newest machinery.

From the acquisition of 3D mammography technology to a major improvement in ultrasound systems, our Supria CT is one more piece to our best-technology puzzle.

Computed tomography (CT) is an imaging procedure that uses special x-ray equipment to create detailed pictures, or scans, of areas inside the body.

Click here to view a short video on the applications and benefits of CT.