In recognition of Diagnostic Imaging Services beginning its 40th year of providing outpatient imaging service to people in the communities surrounding New Orleans, we’d like to unveil a logo which we will use in 2013 to highlight this accomplishment. No other outpatient imaging provider has served this area longer than DIS.

It is a tribute to the hardworking, talented and dedicated people that are in our centers, taking care of people who come to us for tests that have been recommended by their doctor or health care provider. This is also to say thank you: to the people, the physicians, the nurses, the nurse practitioners, the physician’s assistants and the office staff of referring offices for putting their trust in us to provide a warm welcome, pleasant experience and sincere thank you to each and every person that walks through our doors.

How likely is it that you will return to DIS? People who said they were VERY LIKELY to return: 96.1%

Would you recommend DIS to another person? People who said YES, THEY WOULD RECOMMEND DIS:


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