You Night, the program designed to help women address the emotional and mental effects women experience after a cancer diagnosis, has appointed Michael Holmes, Chief Executive Officer of Diagnostic Imaging Services, to its advisory board.

“Joining the distinguished individuals already on the You Night board is a privilege,” said Holmes. “Our organization is deeply rooted in taking care of women with a variety of screening and diagnostic tests as deemed appropriate by their medical provider. DIS has been a long-standing independent provider of this type of testing for over four decades and the fight to end breast cancer is a very personal one to us,” he added.

Holmes has an even more personal connection to efforts such as You Night as his wife, Collette, is a breast cancer survivor.

Women who enter the You Night program are at various stages of treatment and/or recovery. The common bond shared among these survivors is that an invasive cancer has impacted their lives and that they recognize the need to face the cancer head on in order to move forward.

The You Night experience is a five-month program, where 24 participants work as a class to learn empowering skills to prepare them to walk the runway.  No professional is experience required. You Night is a sisterhood of support disguised as a runway show!

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