Why does a physician in Florida refer all of her patients to Capitol Imaging Services? Because, in her opinion, it is due to the excellent patient care and attention from our associates to people she sends to one of our network affiliates for their imaging exam.

How excellent and personal?

Florida-based Homosassa Open MRI had a person arrive in front of the center at noon. The person was struggling to get out of his vehicle. One of our technologists, Dorothy, spotted him and went outside to see if he needed assistance and learned he was here for a shoulder x-ray and had his arm in a sling. Another technologist, Alyssa, promptly grabbed a wheelchair and assisted him into the center. Our associate, Nicole, learned that he was awaiting pre-authorization to have a CT scan performed, and called to verify that authorization was required. During this time, she noticed that he needed immediate attention, and got another center to agree to allow him to come right away, without authorization. Apparently, the patient had fallen on Saturday, and just now sought medical attention.

Upon gathering history, performing the x-ray and witnessing his physical and mental state, it was determined by both technologists that this man was in need of immediate medical attention. The x-ray revealed a comminuted fracture. Our radiologist was quick to respond to review the x-ray and advised the patient to go to the hospital. The referring physician was notified of results and agreed with Dr. Timken.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was notified immediately and an ambulance arrived to take this gentleman, who lives alone and has no family support, to the Emergency Room. Staff was surprised that this gentleman was even able to drive himself from the physician’s office to our center.

The physician praised our staff as well as our radiologist, who promptly provided the test results and worked to communicate directly with her personally regarding her patient’s issues.

Teamwork is the foundation upon which excellent care is provided at all of our Capitol Imaging Services facilities. We are proud of our technologists, radiologists and facility staff associates who are passionate about being the best and what we do – screening and diagnostic testing.

Kudos to our team at Homosassa Open MRI. They rock! Their teamwork and excellent service skills set our center apart from the rest in Northeast Florida, as does our facility team associates throughout the Southeastern United States.

Don’t you deserve this type of health care service?

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