This question is often asked of a woman contacting Capitol Imaging Services to arrange a visit for a screening mammogram. Most everyone understands that a referral order is needed in order to complete a screening mammogram or any imaging test performed by our organization. But, what is a standing order?

Defining a standing order

Simply, if a health care provider such as a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant has signed an agreement for a standing order with Capitol Imaging Services, a woman can contact us directly to schedule an appointment without having the provider or their office send us the order or for the woman to physically bring it to us when she has her visit. Numerous medical providers have signed standing orders, eliminating a step in the screening process.

At the time of making the appointment for a screening mammogram, we can look up your provider’s name and information to see if they have a standing order with us. If they do, that’s all it takes to arrange the screening. Simple. Easy. Convenient.

It’s important to understand that this for screening mammograms only. Any other exams that are diagnostic in nature such as a diagnostic mammogram or breast ultrasound must have a provider’s written order.

Screening and diagnostic mammography is performed many of our Capitol Imaging Services  locations.

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