Americans have long become accustomed to bewilderment and anxiety when confronting health care bills. Even within the same metropolitan area, hospitals charge prices that differ by staggering degrees for the same procedures. People without health insurance pay vastly higher costs for care when less expensive options are often available nearby. Virtually everyone who seeks health care winds up paying inflated prices in one form or another as these stark disparities in price sow inefficiencies throughout the market.

In the report below, Reader’s Digest executive editor Courtney Smith says “one essential step everyone should do is you’ve got to shop around for the cost of your medical care.” No truer words were spoken.

Tips are provided in the report, including getting the billing or correct procedure terminology, or CPT, code for your procedure. In imaging, this will allow you as a consumer to accurately compare price quotes for exams from hospital imaging centers as compared to the DIS price.

DIS will save you money by offering much lower prices for imaging tests. In addition, we do not add charges to the test for the radiologist’s report or for the use of our facility to complete the test. One test. One price. One bill.

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