From a person who wrote to Capitol Imaging Services, frustrated at trying to find out exam costs:

“My doctor scheduled me to have the test done at the hospital and I tried calling the hospital to get a quote on what it would cost me. First of all, the number that my doctor gave me on the appointment card was for the wrong department and it took the (rude) hospital operator 20 minutes to finally find the correct place for me.

When I did get the correct department, I asked the person on the phone how much this was going to cost me, and (believe this or not) she said, “Oh, I can’t give you that information over the phone, sweetie.” (And believe me, she did not say “sweetie” sweetly. Then she asked me why I wanted to know. When I told her my $1000 deductible started up again this year and I would probably have to pay it all myself out-of-pocket so I wanted to know how much the procedure would be, she got quite indignant and said “I’d have to come into the office to discuss that.” When I asked “Wouldn’t that be another doctor’s office bill?” she said “Yes sir!” Then I asked how much that would be and she said “Our standard office rate.”

Well by this time, I had had enough and told her that “I was canceling my test, sweetie” until I could find out how much it and the office visit would cost. Well, suddenly, she got MUCH sweeter and wanted to call me back with more info if she could find it. I told her “don’t bother” and I’ve subsequently scheduled at a smaller location not associated with a big hospital, which (was) very nice and quoted me all the prices as asked over the phone.”

This request wasn’t even for an imaging exam! But, would you want your patients who are concerned about costs, payment obligations and deductibles to have to pay for an office visit to get the cost of any test? Our guess is no. The associates of Capitol Imaging Services will treat your patients with kindness, dignity and respect, identifying prices, payment obligations and verifying insurance benefits.

Simple. Easy. FRIENDLY!

Use our website REQUEST A PRICE ESTIMATE tool to ask for the price of any exam we perform. With information from you, we will produce a good faith estimate of any fees that would be your obligation to pay.

Capitol Imaging Services is doctor trusted and patient preferred.

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