Open MRI in Jackson Mississippi

Capitol Imaging Services proudly houses the only true open MRI in Jackson, Mississippi. But what makes a true open MRI…open? In today’s post, we’ll discuss the benefits of open MRI versus those of a traditional MRI– as well as why patients prefer open MRI by Capitol Imaging Services.

Independent imaging centers, like Capitol Imaging Services (CIS), on average feature lower-priced procedures that use the same high quality technology that yield the same, if not better results as a hospital radiology scan. Plus, you will receive a greater focus on providing exemplary customer service. In today’s post, we will discuss what makes an MRI machine truly open MRI.

What is a Truly Open MRI?

An open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine utilizes two flat magnets oriented one on top of the other to generate images of the inside of a patient, placed in the open space between the magnets (like a big sandwich!). MRI machines like this do not place the patient inside a noisy tube. A true open MRI, like the MRI located at Open MRI of Mississippi, also gives the patient a 270-degree view of the exam room, so patients can be aware of their surroundings throughout the test. This orientation allows the machine to produce high-quality images while still providing optimal comfort for the patient. When the patient is more comfortable, imaging devices are able to capture better diagnostic images.
Open MRI in Jackson Mississippi

How is the Open MRI Experience Different?

Open MRI provides patients with an exponentially more comfortable MRI experience. Therefore, CIS’ Open MRI in Jackson Mississippi can accommodate patients with fears of enclosed spaces, as well as patients weighing up to 660 lbs. In addition, traditional MRI typically does not allow a companion to join the patient in the MRI room, whereas open MRI sometimes allows a guest to accompany the patient, if the companion passes the safety measures, further increasing patient comfort. Finally, open MRI’s are often completed more quickly than traditional MRI tests because patients tend to move less.

About Open MRI in Jackson Mississippi

When you need an Open MRI in Jackson, Mississippi, you have several options. While some diagnostic imaging providers claim to provide “open” MRI, this is often misleading. They simply offer a wider version of the traditional, closed MRI. Capitol Imaging Services is the first diagnostic imaging center to provide a true open MRI in Jackson, Mississippi. Our team of radiology specialists is highly trained and experienced, allowing for a quick and easy patient experience.

Open MRI of Mississippi is located 3 ½ miles east of I-55 just south of Lakeland Drive, on the corner of Layfair Drive and Courthouse Circle. Our medical imaging facility is west of Ergon’s Mirror Lake Plaza adjacent to University Physicians Women’s Specialty Care.

Worried About Your Scan? Open MRI is for you!

Patients in Jackson, Mississippi who require an MRI may not always be aware of their options. If you or a loved one needs an open MRI in Jackson, give Capitol Imaging Services a call today. Our expert team of radiologists and technicians are trained to carefully and precisely collect the diagnostic imaging you require. Because patient comfort is our utmost priority, we proudly provide access to our unique Open MRI technology for our patients, ensuring only the best MRI experience.