Open MRI Near Me

Finding an Open MRI Near Me

We're not all built the same. Some people are bigger than others. Fortunately, not all MRI scanners are the same either!

Patients who require an MRI, but are not comfortable with a traditional, "closed" unit, many wonder, "how can I find an open MRI near me?" Fortunately, Capitol Imaging Services has over 25 locations across the Gulf South; many with open MRI.

An open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner has two flat magnets on the top and bottom areas, with a large space to accommodate the patient. The “open space” in between the magnets often alleviates discomfort or claustrophobia, because the patient is not fully enclosed. This design can produce high quality images while providing optimal comfort.

CIS Open MRI Facilities

Capitol Imaging Services has Open MRI units located across the gulf south. 

Who Needs an Open MRI?

Your healthcare provider may recommend an open MRI for patients who:
  • suffer with obesity
  • suffer from claustrophobia
  • experience anxiety about having an MRI
  • have a large body shape, such as wide shoulders and/or hips
  • elderly or very young patients who may not feel comfortable in a traditional closed MRI

Have Questions? We have answers!

Capitol Imaging Services facilities are accredited to perform an MRI scan. This means we meet or exceed the standards set by the American College of Radiology and the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission for quality, patient safety, reporting and technological expertise. Your safety is our priority.

Ready to schedule your open MRI scan? Contact us today to schedule your appointment! A Capitol Imaging Services associate will be happy to answer your questions and arrange a visit.