Screening and diagnostic testing has become a very important component in health care, thanks to the advances in technology and how test results often dictate a diagnosis or treatment of various conditions and diseases.

Testing can cause confusion and anxiety in a number of people. Much of the time, it is because of the “fear of the unknown.” The better prepared you are, the better your experience can be. Here are some tips from us that should help if you need a test and minimize anxiety and worry.

That pesky paperwork

Your physician should inform you as to which paperwork is necessary for you to bring to your imaging appointment. Be sure to make a list of what is needed.

You’ll also want to bring your health insurance card. This is vital if you are new to DIS, but even a returning patient should have their card as perhaps insurance coverage changed or we want to verify what we have on record is still accurate.

If unsure, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Jewelry and metal objects

Many people wear a watch, one or more ring fingers (or sometimes on their toes), earrings and other types of jewelry. On the day of your exam, it is best to forego these items and leave them at home or work prior to arriving at a Capitol Imaging Services affiliate center. Metal is a BIG NO-NO around any Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner and is strictly prohibited. But even for other types of exam, metallic items may cause problems with acquiring clear, quality images for our radiologist to review and interpret.

It’s important to let your physician or medical provider know if you have any metal or other implanted devices in your body before the scan. If you are a welder, or have been injured, your body could contain pieces of shrapnel.

Numerous medical implants and devices come with a pamphlet or card. Diagnostic Imaging Services highly recommends contacting us in advance of your testing day with implant/device information so we can confirm that you are safe for an exam — particularly an MRI. Feel free to bring these documents with you as well for your test. It’s always best to be sure and err on the side of caution!


You should know what medications you take. It’s always best to keep a current list of them as we will ask prior to performing any procedure. In today’s electronic world, many people keep this type of information on their phone or mobile device, but good old fashion paper kept in your purse or wallet will do just fine for having them handy on the day of your testing.

From time to time, we may need to consult with you regarding your medications prior to an exam. Whether to take your usual medications before imaging will depend on the type of test you’re having.

For example, a common MRI such as an MRI of the lumbar spine does not require any sort of preparation beforehand, so you should be able to take your normal medications. But other testing, such as a DEXA bone density exam or Computed Tomography (CT) of the abdomen and pelvis, may require you to forego any medication until the exam is completed.

What else?

Here are some other recommendations:

  • Remove hearing aids, hairpins, dentures, wigs, underwire bras and other miscellaneous items before the test.
  • If you are having a mammogram, do not wear deodorant. If you forget, we will provide wipes to remove prior to the scan.
  • Often times, you can wear loose-fitting or comfortable clothing. In some cases a test will require you to wear a gown that we will supply.
  • Avoid wearing anything with metal fasteners or zippers.

Once your test is done, the results are usually sent to your medical provider within one business day. From time to time, those results may take a bit longer to be sent due to a variety of factors including the complexity of the exam or waiting for prior exam results in order for our radiologist to make a comparison reading and interpretation.

Our independent imaging centers are led by a team of experienced, dedicated professionals that have made it their mission to provide each and every person with a warm welcome, have them have as pleasant an experience as possible, and receive a sincere thank you for choosing us. Capitol Imaging Services serves the southeastern United States with locations from Texas to Florida – and we are growing.

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