healthcare-costBuying health care in America is like shopping blindfolded at Macy’s and getting the bill months after you leave the store, Princeton economist Uwe Reinhardt likes to say.

But an online tool that went live in February is supposed to help change that, giving patients in most parts of the country a small peek at the prices of medical tests and procedures before they open their wallets.

Got a sore knee? Having a baby? Need a primary-care doctor? Shopping for an MRI scan?

A website called shows the average local cost for 70 common diagnoses and medical tests in most states. It’s showing the real cost — not the published charges, which often get marked down — based on a giant database of what insurance companies actually pay.

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Diagnostic Imaging Services has been in full support of making health care pricing much more available and transparent. Using the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code, anyone can call a hospital to ask for the price of a test, such as an MRI of the shoulder without contrast. Then, call DIS.

We think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. For people with insurance deductibles, the savings can be huge!

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