The mortality risk associated with the underlying reason for computed tomography (CT) imaging in young adults outweighs the risk for radiation-induced cancer, reassure US researchers.

As reported in Radiology, over the average 5.5 years of follow-up after imaging, 7.1% of 8057 chest CT patients and 3.9% of 13,888 abdominal CT patients died.

This is a whole order of magnitude larger than the expected 0.1% predicted risk for death from CT-induced cancer in patients aged 18-35 years, say Robert Zondervan (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA) and co-authors.

“When advising on radiation concerns, the radiologist should inform patients that potential adverse outcomes are much more likely to occur from the underlying medical morbidity, rather than from CT-induced cancer for most common examination indications,” the team emphasizes.

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Capitol Imaging Services has been a proud supporter of the national Image Gently and Image Wisely campaigns which promote improved patient safety with exams involving ionizing radiation.  Patients receive maximum shielding protection, technologists use dose reduction techniques to minimize radiation dose for each exam and scan only the body part needed for a quality radiology study by the physician.  Capitol Imaging Services facilities are accredited in CT by the American College of Radiology.  When you choose us for your CT exam, you know that:

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