When you visit your doctor and you get a recommendation for an imaging exam, you’ll receive a referral order, also known as a script. Often, a doctor makes a recommendation on where you should go for the scan.

Please be aware that you are not mandated to go where your doctor recommends on the script. You have the right to choose where to go for your test

The reasons why to choose Capitol Imaging Services

How do you base your decision on where to go? We recommend Capitol Imaging Services and below are 10 good reasons why:

  1. Independently-owned whose primary concern is your well-being and to provide the very best service to local physicians and health care providers.
  2. A board certified radiologist will interpret your exam images.
  3. Many of our radiologists are subspecialists with advanced expertise.
  4. All Capitol Imaging Services equipment is accredited by the American College of Radiology.
  5. Capitol Imaging Services support the Image Gently and Image Wisely imaging safety campaigns.
  6. We offer the latest in ultra high field technology with 3T MRI systems in Baton Rouge, Marrero, Metairie and Slidell, LA, and Cullman, AL  — systems often demanded by medical subspecialists.
  7. For people who are claustrophobic, nervous or anxious, Capitol Imaging Services offers several open MRI systems throughout our affiliate network.
  8. Capitol Imaging Services performs comprehensive women’s health exams including 3D mammography, ultrasound, breast biopsy and breast MRI.
  9. At many hospitals and their affiliates, you may have to wait weeks before you can have your test. At Capitol Imaging Services, we make every effort to book your appointment for the same day or next.
  10. We often lower out of pocket costs for people by performing exams at lower fees.

Simply call us or click that green button above right

Once you have your referral order, call Capitol Imaging Services or click the REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT button to send us a secure email requesting assistance. An imaging associate will contact you to arrange your visit.

For common imaging exams that are not an emergency, avoid the hospital, their more expensive fees and crowded, hectic campuses. Choose centers that have parking right around the location and a much more relaxed, calm environment.

Choose Capitol Imaging Services: doctor trusted and patient preferred.