too_expensiveDiagnostic Imaging Services shares a link to a short article from a California physician on his experience when shopping for healthcare pricing.

Note his first experience with a local hospital. Their reply to his cost inquiry was “I don’t know – we don’t have that information.” Then the follow-up hospital suggestion. That was “Just send the patient over and he would find out the cost when he received the bill.”


Then, read about his experience with an independently-owned imaging provider. Much, much less expensive. Faster report back to the doctor. Quality just as good.

For the same exam, why would anyone (including doctors who are advocating on behalf of patients) want to pay more?

As consumers, people should stand up, stand tall and stand firm when being recommended for an imaging exam. There is absolutely no reason to go to a hospital when an independently-owned, better operated and high-quality outpatient imaging alternative is available — all with lower prices and charges.

Say “no thank you” to any recommendation to go to a hospital. When not an emergency, insist on freestanding independent outpatient imaging from DIS.

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Click here to read the entire version. Note the question the physician himself asks toward the end:

How can the hospital be charging 4.25 times as much as the place down the street to cash-paying patients, for the same product and actually inferior response time?