Diagnostic Imaging Services shares a news report that points out that many more U.S. workers will health insurance through their employer may still have to shell out thousands of dollars before it kicks in effect.

deductibles soaringAccording to the story, “more employers are offering consumer-directed health plans, which usually come with high deductibles. In 2015, 81% of large employers will offer at least one of these plans, up from 63% five years earlier.”

Deductibles for individual coverage at all firms have jumped to $1,217, on average, up 47% over the past five years, according to the 2014 Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Educational Trust report.

DIS has advocated for people to become smart, savvy healthcare consumers. Just like anything else that will be purchased, you should know what you will be expected to pay BEFORE you have your test. Yes, the world of healthcare billing, insurance terms and all that surrounds the financial aspects of healthcare services can be confusing and intimidating. But, you can cut through the clutter by following a few steps.

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Hospital imaging centers, while sometimes convenient, are more expensive than independently-owned imaging providers. Their average list prices and subsequent charges that would be your responsibility to pay are significantly higher for nearly every exam. You can get the same test for less possible cost. That makes it easier on your finances and budget. And, your doctor gets the results needed for their diagnosis.

So, why pay more for the same exam?

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