Effective January 1, 2021, a federal rule says hospitals have to list the costs of at least some of their services in accessible, consumer-friendly language. The hope has been that equipped with this information, potential patients can shop around and make a better-informed decision before setting foot in a hospital.

It may not always be easy to find these costs, however. Some hospital websites may have them buried deep within their sites. In other instances, the files are available to download and not view, meaning that files can be hundreds of megabytes in size and needing considerable to time and computer space to do so. Once that’s done, then it is sifting through the costs to try to identify the ones of interest to review.

The general public may find it very interesting to know that often doctors and other healthcare providers are not aware of hospital costs for their services, including diagnostic imaging. Some have found it eye-opening to become more informed about potential hospital expense for an exam and begin to search for less expensive, yet quality, alternatives. That’s where Capitol Imaging Services often comes into play.

Capitol Imaging Services is confident that our list prices and any fees that would be your responsibility to pay for an exam will be lower than area hospitals and medical centers. In many cases, our prices are lower by several hundred, if not thousands of dollars. Our affiliates do one thing and one thing only – screening and diagnostic testing. We are efficient in what we do, passing those cost efficiencies onto you.

An important aspect not covered in this price transparency effort is that at a hospital, usually there are at least two charges for every imaging exam. One is for the technical service, which is the scan itself, such as a CT or MRI. The second is for the professional component, which is the radiology review and report. At Capitol Imaging Services, it is one fee for everything we do. No separate charges. At a hospital, that is often not the case.

Use our price estimate tool to identify potential fees that would be your obligation to pay for an exam. With the information you provide, we will return a good faith estimate to you. Use this estimate when comparing to hospitals and we believe you will be pleased with our savings difference.

Capitol Imaging Services is the largest independent radiology practice of its type serving the southeastern United States. Not only do we perform the scan, we provide that important radiology expertise to review test images and issue critical findings to physicians and other healthcare providers.

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