Diagnostic Imaging Services shares a comment from a woman who visited our Women’s & Advanced Imaging Center last month for her mammogram and bone density study. She writes:Quality Service

I was fortunate and blessed to have been assigned to Cynthia, who performed my mammogram and bone density test. She was EXCELLENT! She was very professional, calm, sensitive and kind throughout the whole contact. She instructed me clearly as to what to expect, what I should do during the procedure as well as what she would, the machine would do, etc.

She was very focused on her task. And she smiled!! She also did not rush me.

I have avoided contact with the medical field for several years because of fear. Today, Cynthia was the first medical person I engaged with on my journey to seek medical attentional again. She was the right one to begin with. I was very encouraged by her professionalism, demeanor, sensitivity and kindness.

Thank you so much, Cynthia and DIS.

Warm welcome. Pleasant experience. Sincere thank you. Isn’t this the type of visit you want if you are recommended to have an imaging exam?

We are proud of Cynthia and all of our clinic staff who work diligently to provide the very best possible outpatient imaging environment. We want our guests to feel as relaxed as possible, knowing that many will feel anxiety or nervousness about a test.

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