Last month, several people provided us with feedback regarding their visit to D.I.S.

The location was easy to park and get to.  All the personnel were very friendly to talk to. The office was very neat. Everything was very nice.

I appreciate the late hours.

Wonderful, wonderful place. Love it.

The service is wonderful. The techs are very friendly and they stayed with me as soon as I walked to the back. I had a pic line in my left arm. The tech was great and helpful with my arm.

My husband and I were greeted at the door and asked if we could be helped.  We were shown where to sign in. And, I was called for my information.  I was called to the back and everything was explained to me. Everyone made our visit a blessing. God bless you.

Isn’t this the type of experience you want, should you have a need for an imaging exam?  No crowded, busy parking garages. No elevators. Lots of friendly staff members!

Call 504-883-5999 for your very own D.I.S. patient experience!