Thursday, July 27, 2017 was a night for celebration on the victories won over cancer. They were celebrated by beautiful women, their families and friends who cheered them on with thunderous applause at the You Night New Orleans 2017 Runway Fashion Show.

With a 1960’s British invasion theme, it was indeed “groovy baby!” From the hosts, Dr. Evil, Austin Powers and the gorgeous Foxy Cleopatra, to the music from the Beatles, everything was good in transforming New Orleans into London Town.

Michael Holmes, Chief Marketing Officer for Capitol Imaging Services, provided a brief talk on a new group formed called the You Knights, a support network for men who are care givers for their wives and significant others who have battled or are battling cancer. To learn more, please call 504-888-7921 to speak to Michael about the You Knights mission.

Diagnostic Imaging Services was very pleased to be the VIP Lounge sponsor and host for You Night New Orleans. We look forward to being the host on October 26, 2017 when the British Invasion “hops across the pond” (i.e. Lake Pontchartrain) for You Night St.Tammany 2017 in Mandeville.

You Night helps women embrace life beyond cancer by providing alternatives to traditional support groups through empowering experiences that help women move forward in their self-reflection and journeys. After working with hundreds of women from every walk of life, we found that a beautiful, consistent message keeps surfacing: women are stronger when they are surrounded by other women who have experienced similar journeys. They also are stronger when the community rallies behind them to provide healthy tools for better living.

Congratulations to the beautiful runway models who were DYNAMITE on stage!