scissors-cut-price-vectorAs health care consumers endure higher deductibles and reduced insurance benefits, it is becoming more important to understand and even negotiate prices before receiving medical treatment.

Dr. Kathryn Stewart, medical director of care management at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago, believes that patients can and should be more proactive about seeking the best prices for their services.

“Hospital costs are probably 40 (percent) to 50 percent of what their (list price) charges are,” she says. But when it comes to billing, “most hospitals are happy to break even or have a little bit of profit.”

Here are 10 ways consumers can take charge of reigning in their healthcare expenses:

  1. Ask your doctor to be your ally
  2. Compare costs by using the CPT code
  3. Find friends in the billing department
  4. Negotiate lower prices, payment arrangements
  5. Ask if recommended services are necessary
  6. Explore state-sponsored hospital Web sites
  7. Check your insurance company’s Web site, too
  8. Ask for the Medicare rates
  9. Go generic
  10. Sweat the small stuff

“If the hospital or doctor won’t tell you what they charge, then my advice would be to go to a different doctor or hospital,” says Jane Cooper, president and CEO of Patient Care, a health advocacy company.

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