Diagnostic Imaging Services shares information comparing exam prices taken directly from a 2015 hospital invoice and the shocking difference between hospital prices and those from DIS.

Exam CPT Code New Orleans Hospital DIS
CT cervical spine without contrast 72125 $3,102 $1,109
Nuclear Medicine bone SPECT 78320 $931 $820
X-ray cervical spine 5 view 72050 $765 $180
Total Price: $4,805 $2,109

For the same tests, DIS is nearly $2,700 LESS than the hospital. No difference in quality. The same results get to your health care provider.

For those with insurance, your carrier will apply their negotiated discounts to these prices. However, if you have a high deductible, you will be responsible for any fees not covered by your plan.

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If you could buy the same dining room set (model, type, setting, etc.) for $4,805 or $2,109, which would you choose?

The same applies in healthcare. Know your CPT code. Know before you go.

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