New Orleans Hospital ultrasound chargeDiagnostic Imaging Services received this copy from a woman who visited a New Orleans area hospital for an ultrasound of the abdomen. DIS performs two ultrasounds of the abdomen:

  • CPT code 76700 abdominal complete
  • CPT code 76705 abdominal limited

As you can see from the image, the radiology charge from the hospital was $1,224.00.

DIS performs CPT code 76700 with a charge of $455.00. Our CPT code 76705 charge is $450.

Both ultrasound exams are performs exactly the same as the hospital, with no difference in quality or level of service. So, with no difference, the hospital’s charge is nearly $800 more than the charges at Diagnostic Imaging Services. Even with insurance discounts, the woman had a charge to her insurance deductible of over $600. That insurance deductible amount is STILL MORE THAN THE LIST CHARGE AT DIS!

People should become active consumers, taking control of their decisions as to where to go for health care. Ask your doctor why they would entertain the idea of sending you to a hospital, where time after time, DIS has illustrated the exorbitant fees leveled by hospitals for the same tests performed at DIS.

If you have a deductible or no insurance at all, this is critical. It’s makes a huge difference in your finances. DIS performs these tests, and many others, for often a fraction of what is charged at area hospitals and health systems. Yet, your health care provider gets the important results they need as part of their diagnostic process.

Why pay more for the same test?

Say YES and spend LESS at DIS.