Numerous times throughout the year, Capitol Imaging Services (CIS) receives requests from both people and medical providers for their medical records. Our crackerjack medical records team works to quickly turn around each request, provided the correct information and paperwork is provided.

There is another faster, easier way to access your medical records. That way is by using the Capitol Imaging Services Patient Portal.

The CIS Patient Portal

Due diligence was exercised in testing our portal before launching it to the general public. Making sure it was secure, accurate and well functioning were our top priorities. Led by our internal information technology team, our portal made its soft debut in late December 2019.

It works quite simply:

  • People who schedule a visit to a CIS center will be given the option to provide their email address, which is entered into their patient record.
  • Once the address is entered and the record is created or updated, the portal sends an email invitation, providing a link to the portal’s URL web address and a temporary password.
  • The user name is a person’s email address.

Once a user enters the portal with the temporary password, it is strongly encouraged to reset the password. And that’s it. Done.

Simple. Easy. Convenient. Click here for our patient portal.

What if I don’t have an upcoming appointment?

Click here to access our CONTACT US form and send us a note indicating your wish for access to the CIS patient portal. You must provide your birthdate in your request. Without it, we will not be able to accommodate a request and an email reply will be sent back asking for the information.

This is an important patient service provided by Capitol Imaging Services. We strive to continue to improve our services and technology to stay in the forefront of patient care and imaging expertise.

Capitol Imaging Services has screening and diagnostic testing facilities throughout the southeastern United States, from Texas to Florida. Because we are independent imaging centers, we often lower out-of-pocket expenses. For people with health insurance deductibles, copays and coinsurance, that can add up to a huge healthcare cost savings.

Capitol Imaging Services is doctor trusted and patient preferred.

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