Capitol Imaging Services says do yourself a favor and breathe easier by choosing us.

At one local hospital, according to Medicare, in 2013 the average submitted charge for an MRI without the use of a contrast dye was $3,533.25.

The average submitted by Capitol Imaging Services? $1,254

Hospitals and health systems across the country are known for charging exorbitant fees for common imaging exams — exams that can be successfully performed in an outpatient imaging environment where costs are lower and operations are more efficient.

These exorbitant fees are an attempt to recoup money for areas of hospitals that are expensive to have such as emergency rooms and surgical suites. However, at Capitol Imaging Services, we do one thing and one thing only, which is screening and diagnostic testing. We’ve become very good at what we do and how we do it since we concentrate on just this area of health care. Selecting a Capitol Imaging Services facility means coming to a calm, relaxed atmosphere free of hectic medical center complexes and campuses.

Capitol Imaging Services is the largest independent radiology practice of its type serving the southeastern United States. Not only do we perform the scan such as a CT or MRI, we provide the radiology expertise to review test images and issue important findings to physicians and other health care providers.

Capitol Imaging Services also often lowers out of pocket costs for people by performing exams at lower fees. For those with unfulfilled health insurance deductibles, that’s a major financial advantage. It’s even more advantageous for people without health insurance coverage as we provide cash prices that offer significant discounts on all of our exams.

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