usa today imageDIS shares a USA Today news story from September on a report that indicates health insurance deductibles taking a huge jump as we head into 2015.

Premiums for employer-paid insurance are up 3% this year, but deductibles are up nearly 50% since 2009, the report by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows.

The average deductible this year is $1,217, up from $826 five years ago. Nearly 20% of workers overall have to pay at least $2,000 before their insurance kicks in, while workers at firms with 199 or fewer employees are feeling the pain of out-of-pocket costs even more: A third of these employees at small companies pay at least $2,000 deductibles.

The news about deductibles could temper some of the excitement uninsured workers may have as the January 1 deadline approaches for businesses with 100 or more workers to offer coverage. Although the new Affordable Care Act-compliant plans will have to cover preventive care, such as physicals and mammograms, the plans may not be all that appealing because of their high cost-sharing and deductibles for other medical services. That’s especially true for low-wage workers.

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