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Thank you for contacting Capitol Imaging Services (CIS). Your request for a price estimate has been received and has been directed to the appropriate personnel for review.

You’ve taken your first step toward reducing your healthcare expenditure by reaching out to the largest independent imaging organization in the region. Capitol Imaging Services is not affiliated with any hospital or health system. This means our rates and fees for testing are often far below hospitals who typically charge much higher rates.

Why? Hospitals will cite several reasons such as having to cover expenses due to being open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. They also claim that certain hospital areas such as the emergency room or surgical suites have much higher costs and therefore fees for services such as an MRI or CT scan have to be higher to help recoup those expenditures.

However, the general public should not be held responsible for helping hospitals cover their costs. Less expensive, yet high quality alternatives exist in healthcare and they often come from independent medical providers such as doctors in private practice, lab services, therapies and diagnostic testing facilities.

That’s where Capitol Imaging Services comes in. We concentrate only on screening and diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures. Our organization has been doing this for nearly 50 years. The processes are streamlined. The costs are contained. The efficiencies and savings are passed onto you.

Plus, Capitol Imaging Services may perform specialized tests or have certain testing systems that are not found at hospitals. We continue to invest in our technology and add to our suite of testing services. A win-win for doctors, medical providers and area communities!

Should there be a need for further information or clarification, a CIS associate will contact you at the phone number you provided.

If you provided a cell phone number or if we are calling you on your landline that has a voicemail, we will leave a voicemail message if we are not able to connect.  Please call us back for the price estimate.

Choose independent and save. CIS: Doctor trusted. Patient preferred.