Hey, we think the image to the right is exactly how the man felt when he was told by a Capitol Imaging Services associate that with his health insurance coverage and deductible, we were going to save him several hundred dollars on an MRI exam.

Unfortunately, his physician referred him to a local hospital. Upon conferring with the hospital, he found out that the fee for the MRI was going to be steep. Fortunately, he did the right thing.

He inquired to a Capitol Imaging Services affiliate, Diagnostic Imaging Services (DIS), about the type of exam needed and the fee that would be his responsibility to pay.

The specifics

This man was given a recommendation to have a prostate MRI. The first question he asked us was if DIS had the “powerful” machine that could do a prostate MRI exam.

The reply was that yes, DIS actually has two 3T (T stands for Tesla, representing the strength of the MRI magnet) ultra-high field MRI systems located in Marrero and Metairie, LA. All of our prostate MRI studies are performed on a 3T system and that he should plan for approximately 90 minutes from the time he walks into the door until the time he heads home or back to work.

Then, we got to work on obtaining his information regarding his health insurance card and performing a verification of his benefits. After the research and number crunching, we delivered him the great news:

His MRI was going to be several hundred dollars less!

Here’s the important point. He is not skimping on quality of care or technology by choosing DIS over the hospital. Our systems utilize the same, if not better, technology. In the case of prostate MRI, our academic approach to the radiology reading means more than one set of eyes reviews the images. Collectively, two or more radiologists come together to issue one comprehensive report.

In the area of prostate MRI, that’s the DIS difference. We deliver on the medical and financial sides of health care.

Choose independent and save money

The savings we are describing is just on the MRI test itself. Most, if not all, hospitals, also charge separately for the radiology reading and interpretation services. It’s an extra fee that most people do not anticipate.

Kudos to this man for taking the time and initiative to explore beyond the hospital recommendation. When not an emergency or urgent situation, choose independent medical providers and you’ll most often save large bundles of cash.

Who doesn’t like that! Choose Capitol Imaging Services: doctor trusted and patient preferred.