That’s the headline of an article published by a firm that is dedicated to providing information on imaging diagnostics at a more affordable, low cost. While the firm centers around the west and southwest United States, its mission theme resonates throughout the entire country.

Why do hospitals charge more?

According to the article, the author offers three common reasons for much higher imaging exam prices when compared to independent imaging providers such as Capitol Imaging Services:

  1. Hospitals must recoup costs for the entire operation, not just for the radiology department. If you choose to visit a hospital for an MRI or other type of diagnostic test, chances are very good that you’ll be billed for covering costs of services that are not associated with your exam.
  2. Hospitals offer services 24/7, whereas private clinics are open only during set business hours. Hospitals want you to pay for their longer business hours and higher overhead.
  3. Hospitals have arcane pricing schemes. Independent imaging providers offer one fee for all services. It’s referred to as “global billing.” Hospitals will charge separately for radiology services and perhaps even the use of the imaging facility.

Reduce expense for medical imaging

Finding the right provider is key to reduce medical expense. This holds true not only for diagnostic testing, but also for other medical services such as doctor visits, therapy, lab work and other services that can be offered outside of a hospital or health system.

There are plenty of excellent alternatives in which people experience the quality care they deserve but at price levels that are much lower than area hospitals. High quality and lower cost is indeed possible in healthcare.

In the area of diagnostic testing, we encourage you to say “no thank you” to the hospital when a recommendation is made for an exam and your situation is not an emergency or an urgent situation. At DIS, we offer the same – if not better – quality than area hospitals and save people large amounts of money when they have a financial obligation for an imaging exam.

For any exam in which you receive a recommendation, you can call a Capitol Imaging Services center and one of our experienced associates will assist in determining a good faith estimate of any fee you may have to pay.

Know before you go! At Capitol Imaging Services, we are doctor trusted and patient preferred.

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