There are many confusing terms surrounding healthcare, healthcare services and health insurance coverage. Numerous different options can often put someone’s head in a spin as they try to grasp with bills and statements from medical provider offices, hospitals and medical centers.

One term that Capitol Imaging Services often uses and can be considered to be a major financial benefit to people undergoing diagnostic scans is called “global billing.” In its simplistic form, global billing means that instead of getting separate bills from medical providers (often there can be several, depending upon the medical services provided), a person will get one bill for everything done as part of their healthcare.

In medical imaging, global billing by Capitol Imaging Services means that instead of separate charges for all components of an imaging exam, we will issue one “global” bill for everything we do. That one charge covers:

  • The imaging scan such as an MRI, CT, ultrasound or x-ray
  • The radiology interpretation, in which a radiologist reviews scan images and issues the results of their findings to the medical or health provider that ordered the test
  • The use of our imaging center

Often, people have had the experience of receiving bills for two or all three of the above components of an imaging scan. There are many reasons for this and is considered a contributing factor to the complexity known as healthcare. Needless to say, by choosing Capitol Imaging Services, we work to ease that complexity and issue one charge, eliminating any other charges that may be unexpected and can cause consternation.

Global billing encompasses every single screening and diagnostic scan performed at Capitol Imaging Services. This type of billing helps Capitol Imaging Services work to lower out of pocket costs for people undergoing imaging exams. It’s one more reason thousands of people choose Capitol Imaging Services and our relaxed, comfortable outpatient environments.

Capitol Imaging Services is the largest independent radiology practice of its type serving the Southeastern United States. Not only do we perform the scan, such as an MRI or CT, we provide the radiology expertise to review test images and issue critical findings to physicians and other health providers.

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