Renal MRA Series 19 Image 7 colorAt Diagnostic Imaging Services, angiography exams are commonly ordered by physicians in order to closely examine the body’s blood vessels, utilizing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). In the  past and in many cases, a contrast was injected in order to complete the radiologic evaluation.

Now, that injection is no longer necessary.

Without the need for an injection, our MRA exams are approximately 20 minutes SHORTER than those exams performed with a contrast material.

Everyone loves shorter scans!

With MR angiography performed on the DIS Hitachi Oasis open MRI, a contrast injection is not needed. The biggest benefit people experience is a shorter scan time. We estimate that there are time savings of 10 minutes or more by not having to perform an injection.

In addition, being able to offer MRA exams without the use of contrast is critical for people with renal dysfunction, kidney disease, renal failure or have diabetes. These individuals are much more susceptible to complications in using contrast as their renal systems may have more difficulty in ridding the body of the contrast material.

The bottom line is that without the need for an injection, people undergo a less invasive exam with minimal discomfort and much less anxiety. Those factors often result in a better experience and a more successful outcome for the radiologist and the referring physician.

Noncontrast MRA is offered at the DIS Women’s & Advanced Imaging Center in Metairie. Click here to learn more about MR angiography.

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