As Capitol Imaging Services helps more and more people save significant amounts of money on healthcare, we wanted to share insight from a person who recently contacted us to compare our fee for a test with the fee of a local hospital.

We were not surprised at the results.

Hospital: triple the rate

This person received a recommendation to have an MRI of their lumbar spine without the use of a contrast dye. This is a common diagnostic exam that is performed nearly daily at Capitol Imaging Services. All of our MRI systems perform this test very well.

The request was to have the test on a 3T ultra-high field MRI. Unless some unknown reason would intervene, Capitol Imaging Services should be able to accommodate.

Once the information was gathered regarding health insurance coverage, we were pleased to give the great news that in comparing the hospital fee to us, the hospital was going to be three times the cost.

Why pay more when you don’t have to?

The rest is history

We provided requested information on our radiology staff and their expertise, the American College of Radiology accreditations for each of our centers and the post-test steps and processes we follow to get the results to the ordering medical provider.

With this information, we wanted to assure the person that they were going to be in good hands and that we would do everything possible to make her visit as smooth as possible.

When we inquired of this “life long” hospital patient as to why they reached out to choose DIS, they replied:

“It’s pretty simple. I see no reason to pay three times the price! Though I love my (hospital) doctors, I am consistently overcharged.”

Choose independent radiology and lower costs

When you choose Capitol Imaging Services, you are selecting the largest independent radiology practice in the southeastern United States. With unfulfilled health insurance deductibles, we often saves people large amounts of money, from hundreds to thousands of dollars, over other imaging providers.

The best part? At Capitol Imaging Services, you do not sacrifice quality for price. You can have lower fees and yet the high quality imaging needed for test results doctors and other medical providers use as part of their diagnosis.

Choose Capitol Imaging Services: doctor trusted and patient preferred.