Diagnostic Imaging Services shares an excellent resource, care of the American Cancer Society, on the above topic of dense breasts and mammogram reports.

Breast density can be determined only by mammograms. It is not related to breast size or firmness. A woman may think that because her breasts are firm, they are dense; but breast density is not determined by how breasts feel. When a DIS radiologist looks at your mammogram, they determine your breast density.

For women with dense breast tissue, women who have breast implants or who had prior biopsy or surgery, 3D mammography can help with the examination of the breast.

The Capitol Imaging Services affiliate, Diagnostic Imaging Services (DIS), performs 3D mammography and has been doing so since 2013. Four greater New Orleans, LA locations have 3D mammography technology and tens of thousands of women choose Diagnostic Imaging Services for their breast cancer screening and any necessary diagnostic follow-up.

3D mammography is performed at the following DIS locations:

  • Covington, LA – 71154 Highway 21
  • Marrero, LA – 925 Avenue C
  • Metairie, LA – 4241 Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Suite 100
  • Slidell, LA – 1310 Gause Boulevard

During a 3D mammogram, multiple low-dose images known as “slices” of the breast are acquired at different angles. With 3D technology, the radiologist can view a mammogram in a way never before possible.

The 3D exam is a separate procedure that is performed at the same time as your regular mammogram. The exam will take about four seconds longer per view while in compression.

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To contact Diagnostic Imaging Services for your screening, call 504-883-5999 or 985-641-2390. Or, click here to send us an email requesting an appointment. About 20 minutes of your time is all that is needed to complete the screen.

Capitol Imaging Services is a consortium of over 20 independent radiology facilities serving the southeastern United States. We perform not only the scan, but also provide the radiology review and report as part of our services.

Capitol Imaging Services is doctor trusted and patient preferred.

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