There are so many providers that confuse and confuzzle consumers and often the medical community by giving out information that isn’t always complete. Often times, you see the focus on the type of scanner made available. You see, the scanner (or the system) is only one factor.

Don’t forget the humans!

DIS technologists are well-trained and experienced. They are all registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Other technologists may not be. Technologists not only need to know how to perform tests, they need to know how to treat people. People who visit DIS are treated with kindness, dignity and respect. Our technologists are often complimented for the gentle care and compassion they share with people who are our patients.

Then, there are the radiologists. The doctors who will read the studies. So very important. Their training and background is crucial. DIS radiologists keep up on the latest trends and literature surrounding their profession. They have established close working relationships with many physicians in our area. They are often consulted by doctors and other health care providers on the appropriate exam to order for their patients. They are progressive and more importantly, dedicated to superior quality and service to patients and medical professionals alike.

You have many choices. When you choose DIS, you choose a provider that does one thing and one thing only: medical imaging. Not another entity that decides to buy a scanner because they are trying to expand their business model. Not a clinic who has a scanner for their own use and decides to try to scan other health care provider’s patients because they have excess capacity.

Trust DIS as an imaging entity that has served southeast Louisiana for over 40 years. Not a start-up. A full-service outpatient imaging organization. Second to none.

Choose independent. Choose Diagnostic Imaging Services: doctor trusted, patient preferred.