Capitol Imaging Services provides a reminder that in virtually all cases, monies from a qualified high deductible health plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can be used for imaging exam fees that are not covered 100 percent by insurance.

This also includes certain cancer screenings such as breast (mammogram), lung (CT low-dose lung cancer screening) and heart disease (CT coronary calcium scoring). In the case of a mammogram, conventional 2D screenings are covered entirely by health insurance. However, not all health insurance plans cover the 3D breast tomosynthesis option.

When you utilize your HSA or FSA funds, you often will avoid any additional testing expense. Capitol Imaging Services always recommends checking with your benefits provider to confirm that funds are eligible for such expenses.

When you select an independent imaging provider such as an affiliate of the Capitol Imaging Services network, you often lower the payments from HSA or FSA funds as we perform imaging exams at lower rates than area hospitals and medical centers. For people with an unfulfilled health insurance deductible, that’s a major benefit. This benefit is enjoyed without people sacrificing quality of care, technology or results that are sent to medical and health providers.

Capitol Imaging Services is the largest independent radiology practice serving the Southeastern United States. We not only perform the scan such as a mammogram or MRI, but also provide the radiology expertise to review exam images and issues important results and findings to physicians and other healthcare providers.

Often times, it is a challenge, if not difficult, to secure an imaging exam appointment at local hospitals. Avoid that frustration by clicking the green REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT button (above right) to send us an email requesting assistance. A Capitol Imaging Services associate will contact you to arrange your visit.

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