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That question can be daunting for anyone who is not medically trained or has extensive experience in medical imaging. But, specific to a man being referred for an MRI in order to evaluate his prostate gland, there are two simple questions to ask:


  1. Is the imaging center using a computer that does the post processing (the work done with images after the exam is completed)? A center should be using a Computer Aided Detection (CAD) software tool that allows radiologists to zero in on areas in and around the prostate.
  2. is the imaging center giving a contrast agent and doing Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI)?

If the answers to these questions is “no,” the center is doing an old type of exam.

Diagnostic Imaging Services utilizes both CAD and DWI in performing a true multi-parametric prostate exam on our 3T ultra high field MRI in Metairie. No other independently-owned outpatient imaging center in Louisiana offers this advanced study. Combined with our radiology team approach to evaluation and reporting, no hospital or health system in Louisiana or the Gulf Coast matches the level of service we provide to men who are recommended for prostate imaging evaluation.

All of this is done at lower overall costs than any area hospital. High quality. Excellent and extensive service. Lower cost. Yes, it is truly possible.

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