According to a large international study that was presented at a national radiology conference in Chicago, IL, one in every 100 people who are hospitalized due to COVID-19 will “likely develop” complications of the Central Nervous System (CNS).

According to the article on the study, found on the online version of Applied Radiology, “Much has been written about the overall pulmonary problems related to COVID-19, but we do not often talk about the other organs that can be affected,” said study lead author Scott H. Faro, MD, FASFNR, professor of radiology and neurology and director of the Division of Neuroradiology/Head & Neck Imaging at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. “Our study shows that central nervous system complications represent a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in this devastating pandemic.”

These complications, according to the study, include stroke, hemorrhage and other fatal complications. These conclusions were drawn from an analysis of nearly 40,000 cases of hospitalization. According to the researchers, the most common cause for admission (after COVID-19) was altered mental status and confusion, followed by fever. The average age of the patient admitted was 66 years of age and many had additional health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and other cardiac disease.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) often play crucial roles in diagnosing, confirming or ruling out potential CNS disease. CT is often recommended for emergency or urgent cases, but also is performed when a person cannot undergo an MRI exam. MRI is typically the recommended scan for evaluation of the brain and does an excellent job of evaluating the anatomical components of the CNS for evaluation by the radiologist.

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