Capitol Imaging Services continues our commitment to providing the latest screening and diagnostic testing technology to serve both the people of the Southeastern U.S. and medical and healthcare providers. At our Diagnostic Imaging Services center in Covington, LA, we are pleased to announce the upcoming installation of a General Electric 450w high field MRI.

This MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) systems includes a much wider opening than older, traditional MRI scanners. The opening is 70 cm, which is approximately 27.5″ or two feet and three and one-half inches wide. Many older closed scanner openings are in the 19.5″ range. The additional inches provided by our new 450w adds up to better comfort for larger or wide-shouldered people who may be too large to fit into a smaller MRI opening.

Physicians and other health care providers will benefit from our efforts to achieve a new level of imaging clarity. Clarity in clear, crisp MRI images are crucial to medical and healthcare providers as part of their diagnostic process. These images are also vital to our radiologists who are responsible for reviewing and interpreting images in order to assess the MRI and issue the important findings in their report.

The General Electric 450w 1.5T (Tesla) High Field MRI will be installed at the Diagnostic Imaging Services center located at 71154 Highway 21 in Covington, LA. Plans call for the MRI to begin service sometime in later November.

Capitol Imaging Services is the largest independent radiology practice of its type in the Southeastern United States. Not only do we perform the exam such as an MRI, we provide the radiology expertise to review test images and issue important interpretations and findings in their reporting. \

We also often lower out-of-pocket costs for people by performing our exams at lower fees. For people with unfulfilled health insurance deductibles, that’s a major financial advantage and an advantage enjoyed without sacrificing quality of care, service or expertise.

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