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When it comes to breast cancer, early detection makes all the difference — while breast cancers found during Stages I or II average a 99 percent survival rate, cancers caught at Stage IV have only a 26 percent survival rate.

With that in mind, the Women’s Center at Diagnostic Imaging Services is committed to saving lives with a full range of innovative services.

These women are part of the Diagnostic Imaging Services Women's Center team

“We are committed to bringing patients the most up-to-date technology at the highest level of patient care,” said Dr. Deanna Karl, a DIS women’s health radiologist.

With breast imaging services ranging from traditional ultrasounds to advanced technologies like breast tomosynthesis — also known as a 3D digital mammogram — and image-guided breast biopsies, Diagnostic Imaging Services are helping thousands of women across the Gulf South become champions for their own health.

This award-winning facility is the only independent radiology practice in the area to receive the Breast Imaging Center of Excellence designation by the American College of Radiology, a distinction that proves they are on the cutting edge of radiology and detection.

Our full range of women’s health imaging services

Diagnostic Imaging Services performs a wide range of women’s health and breast imaging, including:

  • 2D and 3D mammography
  • Ultrasound
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Breast MRI
  • Breast Biopsy (ultrasound, stereotactic and MRI-guided)
  • Breast Cyst Aspiration
  • Galactograms
  • Hysterosalpingograms
  • DEXA Bone Density exams

In addition to our Women’s Center Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, we also perform women’s health exams at our Marrero, Slidell and Covington – Highway 21 locations.

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