Recently, the Chief Executive Officer of Diagnostic Imaging Services, Michael Holmes, was profiled in the September 2017 issue of New Orleans Living magazine. Michael provided excellent insight into not only the world of radiology, but also healthcare, offering advice that can be quite valuable to the general public.

Being vigilant and your own advocate for your healthcare dollar spending has become more and more paramount in recent years. This is something DIS has been preaching consistently and Michael echoes those sentiments.

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It may not seem that way to some, but it is true. Radiology, the performing of exams such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) tests, is one area of medicine in which a higher cost or price tag does not equate to better quality or care. As more people are responsible for a greater share of healthcare expenses, it’s more important than ever to look around and compare medical providers, especially when facing the prospect of going to a hospital for a common exam such as an MRI or ultrasound when the same exam can be performed in an outpatient basis that offers much lower fees by not being associated with a hospital or health system.

Click here to read the profile. And as Michael recommends, shop for your healthcare. We did it for everything else we buy. Why not your healthcare?

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